About GoalsOnTrack.com

GoalsOnTrack is a free web-based goal-oriented “Get Things Done” software to keep your goals on track. It allows you to set goals, track progress, manage action steps/todo lists, and view time usage, graphical progress indicator, animated timer and more.

Main features:

– Get things done
Add and schedule tasks to support your goals. Check them off when they get done. 

– See real progress
View your progress on goals at a glance. Know your status on each goal. 

– Track your time
See how much time spent on tasks. Know whether you’ve worked hard enough on goals. 

– Keep a journal
Record your thoughts on your goals. Motivate yourself to achieve more.

.. and learn more at http://www.goalsontrack.com


2 Responses

  1. We are interested in your product, but for at least the last days your site has been down.

    Please help,


  2. Hi Owen,

    We’re monitoring the site almost like 24/7, and there has been no down time in the past few days. Nor did we get any report from other users.

    Perhaps it’s a dns/ip routing problem. Are you still having trouble accessing the site? Is it member area or the entire site?


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